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Orientation of Civil Engineering Dept. held on 14/11/2019

Uttara University has celebrated the Orientation Program of ‘Fall -2019’ arranged by the Department of Civil Engineering in the Auditorium of the university at 4:00 pm on 14 November, 2019 (Thursday). Prof. Dr. M. Azizur Rahman, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor; Prof. Dr. Eaysmin Ara Lekha, Hon’ble Pro Vice-Chancellor; Mr. Kazi Mahiuddin, Registrar were present respectively there as Chief guest, Special guest & Guest of Honor of the university. Professor Dr. Mohammad Abdur Rashid, Dean, School of Civil, Environment & Industrial Engineering, Uttara University, Chaired the program. Dr. M. Abdul Baqui, Professor; Dr. Muhammad Abu Eusuf, Professor; Dr. Amimul Ahsan, Associate Professor; All other faculty members of Civil Engineering department and newly admitted students of Fall-2019 were present in the program.

Industrial Tour to Seven Rings Cement Ltd.

Class start schedule of all Department & Program (Tentative Date)

Fall- 2019

Department Program Batch Probable Date Time
 DBA BBA 50th 21-9-2019 10.00am
MBA (For BBA) 50th 20-9-2019 8.30am
MBA (Regular) 50th 20 -9-2019 8.30am
EMBA 50th 20 -9-2019 8.30am

Department of Law

LL.B (Hon’s) 48th 16-9-2019 12.00pm
LL.M (For LL.B Hon’s) 33rd 14-9-2019 9.00am
LL.M (2yrs) 33rd 14-9-2019 9.00am

Department of English


BA (Hon’s) English 50th 16-9-2019 10.00am
MA (2yrs) English 50th 13-9-2019 9.00am
MA (Final) English 50th 13-9-2019 9.00am
MA (Final) ELT 15th 13-9-2019 9.00am
MA (2yrs) ELT 15th 13-9-2019 9.00am

Department of FDT in FDT (Reg.) 22nd 23-9-2019 9.00am in FDT (Dip.) 4th 27-9-2019 11.00am
MBA in AMFM (1yrs) 16th 27-9-2019 11.00am
MBA in AMFM (2yrs) 16th 27-9-2019 11.00am
Department of EEE in EEE (Reg.) 32nd 30-9-2019 9.00am in EEE (Dip.) 32nd 3-10-2019 3.30pm
Department of CSE in CSE (Reg.) 49th 23-9-2019 10.00am in CSE (Dip.) 49th 26-9-2019 5.00pm in CSE 47th 19-9-2019 5.00pm
Department of CIVIL in CIVIL (Reg.) 22nd 12-9-2019 10.00am in CIVIL (Dip.)) 22nd 12-9-2019 6.00pm

Department of IS


BA (Hon’s) IS 49th 16-9-2019 10.00am
MA (2yrs) IS 49th 20-9-2019 9.00am
MA (Final) IS 46th 20-9-2019 9.00am

Department of Bangla


BA (Hon’s) Bangla 30th 11-9-2019 10.00am
MA (2yrs) Bangla 30th 20-9-2019 9.00am
MA (Final) Bangla 30th 20-9-2019 9.00am
  B. Ed (Hon’s) 43rd 09-9-2019 10.00am
Department of Education B. Ed 43rd 13-9-2019 9.00am
  M. Ed 49th 13-9-2019 9.00am
Department of Physical Education B. P. Ed 49th 11-9-2019 8.00am
M. P. Ed 46th 13-9-2019 9.00am

Department of Mathematics (Hon’s) Math. 30th 16-9-2019 10.00am (2yrs) Math. 35th 20-9-2019 9.00am (Final) Math. 47th 20-9-2019 9.00am
Department of Physics (2yrs) Physics 16th 13-9-2019 9.00am (Final) Physics 48th 13-9-2019 9.00am
Department of Textile in Textile (Reg.) 11th 24-9-2019 9.00am in Textile (Dip.) 11th 27-9-2019 9.00am


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